Halloween Is Upon Us!


Halloween is approaching fast, so i thought i'd share with you the hair and makeup i did last year! I know plenty of people who are much better at theatrical makeup than i am, however i still really love to experiment and Halloween is the perfect time to do so!

I spent the whole afternoon dressing up my little sisters, and doing their hair and makeup, and i'm hoping to do the same this year if i feel well enough!

We have a very unusual tree in our front garden, it looks beautiful at all times of the year, and during Autumn it's very bare which made it the perfect tree for Abbie to pose next to!
I wasn't sure what i was doing when it came to doing her makeup, i just improvised and wanted her to look as dark and creepy as possible! 

My other sister Shene, went trick or treating, so i decided to have a bit of fun! Again, i wasn't quite sure what i was doing, as i have no experience in theatrical makeup, but as you can see i tried to make her look very doll-like. I cut holes in her tights and put rags in her hair and around her arms. 
And I was quite pleased with how it came out!

They're the perfect models when it comes to this sort of thing, both so beautiful and great in front of the camera!

While i was studying beauty at college, we briefly did a theatrical makeup project which was very fun to do.
Has anyone seen The Corpse Bride? It's one of my favourite films, i'm a massive Tim Burton fan. 
I attempted half Victor/half Corpse Bride. I loved how it turned out, however if i was to do it again i would definitely do some things differently! But i didn't think it was too bad for my first attempt!

I hope everyone is well! And I hope you enjoyed this post, i'm not too sure what i'll attempt this Halloween, but i'm going to make sure i have alot of fun with it!