Symptom Diary - Collab Post with Tania!

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all had a lovely week. Mine unfortunately hasn't been too great - still very unwell! But i'm plodding along, hoping it'll all go away and i can experience at least one good day very soon!

So i've realised that thanks to the internet and social media, such as twitter, it's very easy to interact and meet people anywhere in the world, which has been fantastic for me, as i've met some lovely other people who also suffer with a chronic illness. One of them being the wonderful Tania, who hasn't yet had a POTS diagnosis but is showing all the symptoms. I'd recommend to go over to her blog here, and read her Symptom Diary.

We've decided to join forces and create a post for you all, explaining how up and down symptoms of POTS can be, how we can be coping one minute, and be very poorly the next. It's very hard to get that across unless you were to live with someone for a week and see how hard even the simplest of things can be for them. So we both decided to do a symptom diary!

Before I start i'd like to say that these are just my symptoms, it isn't the same for all people with POTS. We all suffer with it in different forms of severity, some people have it midly, others are severely disabled. My symptoms are very up and down, but they never fully go away, i do have days where i'm very close to feeling like i'm a normal person, whereas some people don't even get those days.

I mentioned in my last post, that I had a really good day on Friday the 3rd, but it resulted in a horrible night, so i've started my symptom diary with that day, and then i've skipped a week, and will write my symptoms every day this week. So here goes! (Sorry it's so long!)

Friday 3rd October:
I've had a really great today, i didn't do too much so i could save my energy as i was meeting a friend that evening for Starbucks. Potsies like to use the '3 day rule' we need the day before to save up energy, and the day after to recover. 
I met up with my friend and had a lovely time, I lasted an hour without feeling unwell, and even felt okay when i got home. However because I'd had a great day, it resulted in a terrible night. I was suffering - fast heart rate, i had palpitations that felt like i was being punched in the chest from the inside, such little energy, couldn't even walk to the bathroom which is next to my bedroom.
Later on in the evening i felt like i was going to be sick, I had a migraine, eye pain, face pain, severe cramping in my legs and still a pounding heart. I finally managed to get some sleep at around 3am.

Friday 10th October:
Today I woke up feeling great, I even managed to do a good few hours of housework! Yay! But a productive morning meant i spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the sofa flicking through the music channels with little energy.
I felt much better by the early evening and got to spend some time with my family, watching tv and chatting in the living room.
Later that evening, i felt sick, had very bad stomach pains, was struggling with my breathing, and had ear and throat pain (not sure if this pain is still from the past few infections)
I didn't cope too well with the pain tonight, just laid in bed, watched TV and cried a little until it went away. 
It didn't take too long to go away, luckily! But i still missed out on one of my best friends 21st birthday celebrations - luckily she's an amazing friend and was totally understanding.

Saturday 11th October:
Woke up feeling okay, a little bit nauseous. 
It took me 4 hours to get ready today, as i kept needing breaks to lay down as i was so tired. After i got ready i was too exhausted to do anything more.
Around 4pm, i was struggling with a thumping heart, it felt like i was being punched again, i felt so dizzy and breathless and laying down didn't ease my symptoms like it usually does. I was very close to asking my mum to take me to hospital tonight, but i decided to wait and see if it passed, luckily it did.
An hour later my heart was thumping again, could feel my heart beat in most parts of my body. I was desperate for the toilet but was too scared to stand up, once i managed to get to the toilet, I could see my tshirt obviously moving where my heart was beating so fast, got back into bed, now with a headache, and feeling even more sleepy.

Sunday 12th October:
Woke up feeling very tired, but much much better compared to the night before. Managed to get up, and eat breakfast without any problems other than a little bit of dizziness and nausea. Suffering with very bad brain fog today though - for those of you that don't know, brain fog is a feeling of being spaced out, lacking concentration, forgetfulness, and generally not feeling with it. 
I didn't suffer with many symptoms today, other than the usual dizziness whilst standing which never fully goes away. And I had a really productive fun day, tidied my room, and had a bath and pamper session to make myself feel a bit better. 
Had a really nice evening, chilling and catching up with X Factor!

Monday 13th October:
Today I woke up feeling super tired, but had enough energy to hoover the living room. I had my friend, Claire, who recently turned 21 come over, as i missed her birthday celebrations, I wasn't much fun as i was really tired and had no energy, which sucks, because i rarely get to see her as she's at uni. But i've got hope that by christmas when she comes back, I'll manage to get out for the day with her. Even though i wasn't feeling great, i still had such a lovely time seeing her! I'm still having trouble with a fast heart today, usually with the medication i'm on my resting pulse is around 78, and 100 on standing. But today my resting pulse was around the 94-100 mark. 
I had therapy in the evening. I was feeling better before i left, but a 5 minute walk and car journey completely zonked me out, and by the time i was called in for my appointment, i was so weak and dizzy, I was even struggling to speak. Luckily I have a really understanding and lovely therapist who said it's best for me to go home!
I went straight to bed when i got in, and after a bit of a nap and rest, I didn't feel too bad, and managed to enjoy the rest of my evening taking things easy.

Tuesday 14th October:
I had a really good sleep, slept in till 10.30am but still could sleep for many more hours. Not feeling too bad today, other than a nasty cough i've woken up with (i blame the weather)
So I've had some laptop time, snuggled up in bed with my electric blanket on too keep me from freezing!
In the evening, I had another terrible night, my heart was racing, i felt very wheezy (I also have asthma) and I also had horrendous stomach pain that was stopping me from getting to sleep.

Wednesday 15th October:
I woke up today still with a bit of stomach pain, but other than that not feeling too bad. After i made myself some breakfast i went back upstairs for a lie down, a few hours later my mum came home from work, and i made it downstairs to sit and have a chat and some lunch and a cuppa with her. 
I felt much better after seeing my mum, it really breaks up the day when she comes home for lunch, and after that i even felt well enough to do a bit of tidying, so i done a bit in the kitchen and tidied my room, i then managed to have a long bath, i don't get to have a long bath often as it makes me feel too dizzy! Then I went to bed still with a bit of stomach pain, but i'd say overall i had a really good day.

Thursday 16th October:
Now because i had a good day yesterday, it meant today i suffered, i was pretty much bed ridden all day with the usual symptoms, headache, palpitations, dizziness, breathlessnes, brain fog, aching everywhere. Didn't sleep till 5am the next morning as i was so uncomfortable.

Friday 17th October:
Still bed ridden! Been suffering with a migraine along with nausea, and also dizziness and stomach pain.
But in the early evening I managed to go downstairs and watch 2 movies with my family! It felt so so good to have company, and actually be out of my bedroom. Tonight was one of the best nights sleep i've had all week.

Saturday 18th October:
I Woke up feeling quite energetic (compared to normal anyways) and decided to attempt a trip to town! I always try to push myself to do things even if i don't feel great, and when i got into town i started to feel awful, but i decided to push myself and go into at least one shop, i was with my mum as i don't go out on my own, mainly because its hard for me to do a lot by myself, but also because when my pots wasn't as bad, and i was managing to work, i collapsed at a bus stop and people just walked past as i laid on the floor struggling to even ask for help. A lovely lady did stop in the end, but since then i do worry it'll happen again. Today, I only managed one shop before i almost passed out, i'm so glad i didn't but i just felt so dizzy and not with it, i couldn't even see properly, or even speak properly without running out of breath!
I managed to get back to the car with the support of my mum, and as soon as i was home i had a little rest in bed. 
A few hours later i managed to tidy my room and enjoy the rest of my afternoon and evening. I also did some online shopping! I did a big health food shop as i've not properly been on my diet, mainly because i've not had the energy to actually stand and cook, and my family are at work and school all day. So it's been quick and easy foods for me.

Overall it's not been a fantastic week, but i'm still smiling, and still feeling happy, i'm just hoping next week will be a better one!!

Thankyou so much for reading till the end, i apologise for how long it was, i hope i didn't bore you all! I just really wanted to get across how difficult simple things can be for me. And also how i can change so quickly from feeling okay, too being very unwell! 
Alot of the time, not many people can tell how i'm feeling, as most potsies will put on a front and pretend everything is okay, as a way of coping. 
POTS is also an invisible illness, which means we look normal, there's no visual signs. 
If someone was too look at me they probably would never guess i had a chronic illness.

I would like to thank the lovely Tania for supporting me this week while i've not been feeling too great, be sure to have a look at her Symptom Diary and also her YouTube channel, where she also vlogs her hospital appointments and takes us all on her journey!
I also want to thank Shannyn, or POTSpeople on twitter, for also being there for me this week, and just in general. She's another POTS sufferer, and she's currently in hospital, but she still never stops smiling, she's so inspirational and she never fails to make me happy! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing friend, who understands, and can be so supportive even though she's miles and miles away. 

Thanks again for reading, it means a lot that there's people out there who's interested in what I have to say, even though they've never heard of this illess before. I love reading comments you leave, and will always reply!
I hope you're all keeping well, and i hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Remember to keep smiling!

Life can be hard, but i've learnt to always try and look at the positive side of things, always make sure the positives outweigh the negatives. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to breakdown, nobody can stay strong for too long, we're only human! But it's when you let even the tiny negative things affect you, try to remember that there are always positives in a situation, if you let the negative things in your life take over, you'll never be happy!
Happiness isn't about getting what you want, it's about loving what you have and being grateful for it.