Trying To Stay Positive

I always try and stay positive whenever I have POTS flare ups, but this past month has been extremely difficult for me to do so. It started last month when my heart rate reached a 175 bpm which is extremely high considering i'm on medication to slow it down. I ended up calling myself an ambulance as i really started to panic, and as i explained in a previous post, it was a chest infection that caused it. 
Just over a week ago, i came down with a nasty cold, pretty much as soon as i got over the chest infection, a cold is not very pleasant for anyone, but for me it hit really hard, and a few days into this cold, i'd already lost nearly 8lbs, and one evening, i ended up passing out, a few times an hour, so my mum rang for paramedics, I was extremely dehydrated, even though i had drank 2 litres of water that day, so they took me to hospital and put me on a drip to rehydrate me. I definitely felt better, and i got to go home after 2 bags of fluid, even though i was still passing out everytime i stood up!

Since then, im nearly recovered, i'm left with a tickly cough, but i'm definitely better than i was! I'm still fainting occasionally, but i seem to be recovering much quicker from them!
However all of this, has really triggered off my anxiety and panic attacks, to the point where i've been too scared to be left alone incase i pass out and don't have the energy to pick myself up!
But I know i'll get through this, it's just a difficult time, i know i'll have many ups and downs with this illness and i just need to think of the ups and know that i will get through this.

I'm really excited that it's now December, unfortunately i've been too poorly to join in with all the festive activities! Yesterday i went out with my mum, stepdad and sister to buy some christmas decorations, and i fainted in the queue! It's safe to say i'm left very bruised!

But yesterday evening i managed to help my family decorate the tree in the living room, and i also managed to decorate my bedroom! 
I will be doing a blog post on all the festive decorations around my house at some point this week! 

Much love to you all!