Meet Loki!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may already know that me and my family, have welcomed a new member. Meet Loki!

He's a 8-10 month old Lurcher, that we've rescued. We first met him on the 1st Jan, but unfortuntley the timing wasn't right to get a dog, so we had to leave him there, which broke all of our hearts, as we instantly fell in love with him.

After a month of constantly ringing up the shelter, or going on the website to check if he was still there, we got to bring him home. It feels so right that he's now here with us!

Personally, this is a really great thing for me, as you know I have a condition called POTS, and alongside the illness, i suffer with anxiety and panic attacks.
Up until May, we had a beautiful German Sheppard called Keever, and even though he could never talk back to me, it was really reassuring to have someone there, and to have company, we used to lay on the sofa and watch movies together!

Recently i've been very poorly, which means i'm suffering with anxiety and panic attacks again, and I really struggle to be left home alone.
Already I feel i've created a bond with Loki, and it may take me a while to be confident enough to feel relaxed while i'm home alone, but i know he will help during the process and start making me feel more relaxed. 
It's nice to know i'll have someone to cuddle up to, whether i'm having a bad day or a good day, he will be there. 

He's such a lazy pup, but also very playful, i've already fallen asleep on the sofa with him! He curls right up and makes you feel so warm and cosy. 

I'm so excited to welcome him into our family!