Zoella Beauty Body Mist & Fizz Bar

The Body Mist and Fizz bar are the first two products i've tried from Zoella's beauty range. I'm pretty sure most people have heard of Zoella, and i'm so pleased she's released a beauty range. Along with the Fizz Bar and Body mist, she has a 'Lets Glow' candle, 'Creamy Madly Dreamy' body lotion, 'Soak Opera' bath and shower cream, and 2 very cute make-up bags.
I can't wait to try the rest!

My first impressions of this range are great, the packaging looks so cute and pretty, which i expected from any product Zoe brought out! The body mist is very sturdy and there's been no leaks. And the Fizz Bar is great as you can keep it in the packaging and fold it over and save the rest. 

The Body Mist smells so lovely, it has a floral scent, and lasts for a good few hours. The Fizz Bar fizzes away in the tub, and makes my bath smell lovely. It's another florally scent. The great thing with the bath fizzer is that you don't have to use that many squares if you don't want to. If you're having a long luxury pamper, it might be nice to use half the bar. But if not, you may only want to use a few squares. It doesn't create any bubbles, but as soon as i climbed in the water felt silky, and a dream to lay in! I had no reaction to this, and i have very sensitive skin, i was left feeling silky soft!

Overall i love what i've tried, and if the other products are anything like these two, i'll love the others.