Zoeva Cat Eye Pen

As you may of seen in a previous blog post, I purchased the Zoeva Rose Gold makeup brushes. What i didn't mention was that i also bought the Zoeva Cat Eye Pen for €5.50. I had never tried any makeup from Zoeva, but this caught my eye.

I'm terrible at applying eyeliner, I have such a shaky hand, attempting a cat eye is almost never worth it. From what i've tried, I seem to get on better with pens than i do pencils, liquid or gel. So I thought i'd give this a try, and i'm really impressed. My cat eye still needs alot of practising, but I find this pen so easy to hold and my lines aren't wobbly anymore. It glides on so easily, and with the ultra thin tip, it creates a precise wing. 

It's long lasting, i'm not sure if it's waterproof, it fades a little bit if i get caught in the rain, but that doesn't bother me as it doesn't wear off easily. 

It hasn't lasted as long as some of the other eyeliner pens that i've tried, probably because i've used it so much! But that won't stop me from buying it again, it was worth every penny!

Applying eyeliner doesn't feel like a chore anymore, as I really enjoy using this pen.
This brand isn't in stores yet, but the Zoeva online shop does worldwide shipping.