Afternoon Tea

I picked up one of Tanya Burr's lip glosses in Superdrug for £6.99. 
Most of you will know who Tanya is, but for those who don't, Tanya Burr is a successful blogger and youtuber, best known for her fashion & beauty tips and make-up tutorials. She released her own cosmetic line last year under the name of Tanya Burr Cosmetics. It includes lip glosses, nail polishes and now lashes. 

I'm not a lip gloss wearing person, i much prefer wearing lipsticks and lip lacquers, something with a bold colour, and i usually prefer to wear something matte on my lips rather than anything too glossy or glittery. But i really like this lip gloss.

'Afternoon Tea' is a beautiful pale pink, it's so natural and super glossy. This is the only lip gloss i've tried from her line, so i can't speak for the others just yet, but this lip gloss is gorgeous. 
Firstly, it smells incredible. For me, it sort of smells like strawberries and cream! I have to hold myself back from eating it! It smells sweet like the first ever lip glosses i used to wear in my early teenage years!

I went to the brightest room in my house (which is still not very bright, sorry!) and swatched it for you, this has no filter or adjustments to the brightness. 

It goes on really smoothly, the only thing i would say is that my lips are super chapped, and at first it didn't look as nice on my lips. But that's easily solved with some lip balm, and now it goes on absolutely fine, and blends in really easily. I find that it's best to apply a few coats to build up the colour and glossiness as it's a pale shade.
It's long lasting and pigmented, and really comfortable to wear. I'm not constantly worrying about how long it's going to last before i have to apply another coat!

It's not too sticky, i usually hate wearing lip glosses because of that sticky feel alot of them have. But i am very impressed with this lip gloss as an individual, and I am very excited to try the rest.

Have you tried any products from Tanya Burr Cosmetics? Is there anything you would recommend?