Lazin' On A Sunny Afternoon

I'm so in love with this outfit for Spring/Summer. I purchased everything from, apart from the boots, which i bought from eBay. 

These rounded sunglasses have been getting more and more popular, so i decided to purchase a pair. I love them!

The cute white laced crop top, goes really nicely with the patterned shorts.

I think this outfit looks super cute with the boots, but will also look great with sandals in the summer.
It's been so nice to wear less clothing, usually i'm a big fan of layers and thick knitted jumpers, which is why Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. But i've been enjoying the heat more recently, and comfort is key to me, which is why this outfit will be one of my favourites to wear over the next few months! 

I can't believe how quickly this year is going - it's scary! It seemed only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and New Years! So i'm finding it really hard to believe it's acceptable to wear a vest top and shorts out already!

Hope you're all enjoying the sun, if you don't have sun, then i hope you're enjoying your current weather!

What's it been like where you live? 

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hairspray

I can't even begin to tell you how much i love this hairspray. I have such dull, thin hair, that really lacks in volume. I've searched high and low for thickening products that work for me, and i've finally found one. 

I introduce to you John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Hairspray. I'm not much of a hairspray user, i have to say. But this has changed me. I hate that sticky feel most hairsprays give, and the worst part about using it is when your hair turns crunchy and sticky! But this doesn't leave my hair like that at all. It does feel a tiny bit sticky at first, but once it dries, my hair feels lovely, smooth, light and voluminous.

I got this at, for £5.99, but it's currently on sale for £3.99, which i think is a great price. 
It holds my hair all-day, just like it claims to. 
I've never really felt the need to use hairspray before, as i don't put my hair up often, and it's naturally very straight. But i've recently been wearing my hair in french plaits, and with this hairspray, it holds all day. I find that it works great applying it before i put my hair up, as it makes it so much more textured and easier to work with. 

It's packaged really well, and there's been no leaks. Hairspray is the worst product to leak in my opinion, as it leaves everything sticky, and it's a real mess to clean up!
It smells great too, which is always a bonus!

The only downside to this hairspray, is that it leaves my hair quite knotty, i'm not sure if that's just my hair, as i don't have to do very much for my hair to get matted. (you should see me when i wake up in the mornings!) So i'd love to hear other peoples views on this.

After using this, i'm interested in trying more of John Frieda's volume products, if this hairspray worked for me, so might the others in the range!

Overall, this hairspray gives my hair shine, volume and a great hold, i'm officially now a hairspray user!

Loki Update

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts last month, i've had a bit of a tough time recently so i took a break from blogging and youtube. I'm feeling much better now, and looking forward to posting more!

As you know a few months ago me and my family rescued a 8-10 month old Lurcher which we named Loki. I thought I would do a short post about how he's doing. 

He's such a poser (as you can tell from the photo) and loves the camera!

He's settled in really well, he loves his home and we are all so happy he's part of our family. He's grown so fast, but is still exactly the same, he sleeps a lot, and then has random bursts of energy where he goes crazy and sprints all around the garden. He's still very nippy as he's just a pup, but he's toilet trained, and we are slowly teaching him new tricks, he can sit, go down and stay with no problem, and recently he hi-fived me, after quite a few treats and persistence. 

Loki is so good when i have poorly days, if you follow me on instagram and twitter, i post so many photos of him, and I posted a cute pic of him all snuggled up to me on the sofa, holding my hand when i was unwell!

We had our first family BBQ of the year last night, and me and my sister played football with him, and he was so excitable and happy to be outside with us all. 

I love him so much, he's become my best friend and he's been so good for me. It's been great to have company whenever i'm home alone, and in the mornings my mum brings him up to my room and he will lay on my bed. 
Whenever i take him for a walk, and i need to sit and catch my breath, he will sit down patiently next to me. 

He's doing really well and he fits into our family nicely! 

I hope you've all been well, and had a lovely Easter and stuffed your faces with chocolate!! :)