Lazin' On A Sunny Afternoon

I'm so in love with this outfit for Spring/Summer. I purchased everything from, apart from the boots, which i bought from eBay. 

These rounded sunglasses have been getting more and more popular, so i decided to purchase a pair. I love them!

The cute white laced crop top, goes really nicely with the patterned shorts.

I think this outfit looks super cute with the boots, but will also look great with sandals in the summer.
It's been so nice to wear less clothing, usually i'm a big fan of layers and thick knitted jumpers, which is why Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. But i've been enjoying the heat more recently, and comfort is key to me, which is why this outfit will be one of my favourites to wear over the next few months! 

I can't believe how quickly this year is going - it's scary! It seemed only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and New Years! So i'm finding it really hard to believe it's acceptable to wear a vest top and shorts out already!

Hope you're all enjoying the sun, if you don't have sun, then i hope you're enjoying your current weather!

What's it been like where you live?