Meet Luna!

If you follow me on twitter, instagram or any other social media, you'll know that just over a month ago me and my family rescued another pup from the shelter.

Meet Luna the saluki!
She's just over a year old, when we brought her home, she had a cut above her eye, and mange on her ears and paws, and also mites. 
We weren't told about her problems but we decided to welcome her home and nurse her back to good health. We had a trial with her for a week, to make sure she fit in with our family, and also got on with Loki.
Luna and Loki get on so well, and are definitely more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend!

By the end of the week, we decided she was the one for us and we officially welcomed her into the family!

They obviously have their disagreements, but when it comes down to it, they hate being apart. 
Luna whimpers and howls and jumps at the door until he comes back from his walk.
And Loki just sits on the pavement and refuses to move, so we've realised it's best to walk them together!

Loki is doing really well, very hyper active - which is another reason we wanted a second dog, to keep him company and to tire him out when they both play.
Luna keeps up with him, which is saying something as he's very fast.
He still enjoys cuddles, and i still can't help but see him as the baby of the family!