Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy is my favourite fragrance. 
It's such a feminine, floral and light scent, thats perfect for Spring and Summer.
It's not over powering and lasts a really long time.

I've been a fan of Daisy for a while, i think i was about 14 when i walked into Boots and had a whiff of one of the perfumes, and i instantly fell in love with the scent.

It's a perfect size to keep in my handbag and i love it.
The packaging is so pretty, i adore the glass bottle and the playful daisies that appear on the gold lid.
It looks so lovely sitting on my dressing table!

The top notes of this fragrance include strawberry and violet leaves, the top notes are the lightest, and it's usually what you smell when you first apply it.
The heart notes include violet petals and jasmine bouquet, this is what you can smell when the top notes fade.
When the heart notes evaporate, the base notes appear, and this includes musk and vanilla. This is the scent that stays the longest.
Together they all create a really beautiful scent, which i love wearing.

Applying this just makes me feel so happy and good about myself! Theres nothing i don't like about this fragrance.
What do you think of Marc Jacobs Daisy?