Parma Violets & Fairy Dust

I recently discovered a new candle brand that i'd never heard of before, Lily Flame.
I was browsing on Amazon for candles when i came across two very cute scents, Fairy Dust, and my absolute favourite scent, Parma Violets.

I then went on to the Lily Flame website, and came across even more adorable scents, some came in tins, others in jars. They even sell mist sprays, diffusers and and glassware.

After a long browse, Fairy Dust and Parma Violets were the two scented candles i went for.
At £8.50 each, i'm very happy with my buys!
i can't wait to go back onto the website and order some different scents.

The Parma Violets scent is exactly how it sounds. As soon as i opened the tin i was overwhelmed by that sweet scent, the exact scent that overwhelmed me as i opened a pack of Parma Violets when i was younger.

Fairy Dust smells exactly as i imagine Fairy Dust to smell like, powdery and magical.
I can't quite decide which of the two are my favourite, as they both smell gorgeous.

Even when they're sat on my bedside table, unlit, with the lid off, the scent makes its way around my bedroom.

I love these candles, and Lily Flame has now become one of my favourite candle brands.