Dove Haircare

I have such dry, damaged hair. During my early teenage years i bleached it, and i REALLY regret it.
For a while i've been using Dove Haircare products, and it's made a tremendous difference to my hair, it's now hydrated, and much softer and shinier.

I use the Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. (which i try not to use daily, even though it says its suitable for daily use.)

The Regenerating mask i use once a week, for 15 minutes, to give my hair an extra boost of moisture, shine and care. It's so thick and nourishing and you can feel the wonders it's doing!
The dry oil i apply to the ends of my damp hair just after i wash it.
All of them have a really nice smell, nothing overpowering, just a nice, fresh clean scent.

Dove is so reasonably priced for the quality of their products and i really enjoy using them.

I try to have my hair trimmed as often as i can to avoid split ends. I recently had a shorter bob and bangs cut in, and i love it!

At the moment the Dove hair care range is doing a fab job at keeping my hair hydrated and shiny, it looks less damaged and i love how it feels, and now i have a new style, and colour.. I'm planning on looking after it, keeping it in good condition, and staying WELL AWAY from bleach!! 

What are some of your haircare products you wouldn't be able to live without?