Dr Organic Rose Otto Eye Serum

I bought this eye serum as a mistake, but it turned out to be one of the best mistakes i've made!
Holland & Barrett describe Bioactive Organic Rose Otto oil as one of natures most potent tonics for delicate ageing skin. 

Now you're probably thinking, ageing skin?! Hollie you're 21 years old you don't need ageing products.. Nope, not at the moment, but i have very heavy eyes with fragile skin, and i find this is the perfect eye serum to smooth out fine lines, soften the area and really hydrate my skin! 

It's a really nice consistancy, i don't like anything too heavy, as it leaves my eyes feeling super oily and greasy, but anything too liquidy (if that's even a word) doesn't do the trick, and isn't heavy enough. I wanted something that was the perfect in-between, something that i know is doing a good job. And this has made such a dramatic difference to my eyes, it doesn't do a great deal for my dark circles, but i apply this in the evening before i go to bed and i wake up with really hydrated eyes.

It's lasted a really long time, as you don't need a lot, yet it still does the job. I've had no problem using this even with sensitive skin. It has a pleasant scent to it and in all honesty i can't fault this eye serum.

it was £10.29 from Holland & Barrett, it's actually one of the cheapest eye serums i've tried, yet it does a better job.

Have you tried any of Dr Organic's products? This is the first i've tried but i'll definitely be repurchasing and looking out for different products to try!