Glossybox Festival Edition

A few weeks ago i received the Glossybox Festival Edition! 
I'm sorry this post is so overdue! 

I absolutely adore this box, it's filled with so many festival essentials, and really got me in the summery mood.

I've only ever been to one festival, due to my health i haven't been able to go to another! But i loved the experience.. However i was lacking in life-saving beauty products! 

The face wipes come in so handy to keep refreshed, wether it's quickly taking off your makeup before bed, or a quick wipe in the morning, it helps they are great for sensitive skin too.
I used these this weekend as i was admitted into hospital over night for a few tests, it's horrible feeling all groggy and sweaty but not having the energy to walk to the bathroom to wash my face, so these were perfect!! 
Just as they would be at a festival, who has the time to wash your face while you're in the middle of singing and dancing to your fave band?!

The temporary tattoos are so cute, and such a great idea! I can't wait to use them over the summer.

I haven't used the Reviving Facial Mist yet, but it's suitable for all skin types, and perfect to keep your makeup looking fab, and also if you just need a little cool down.

The cellulite lotion i'm looking forward to trying, but cellulite or not, we shouldn't have to cover up this summer and hide our legs! Flaunt what you've got :)

And last but not least, the essence gel nail polish in a gorgeous bright red, which i'll be writing about in a separate post!

What did you get in your Festival Glossybox?