Halo Facial Wipes

I mentioned briefly a previous post that these came in really handy while I was staying overnight in hospital last weekend, I received them in my Festival Glossybox and i'm definitely going to get some more.

I hate going to bed after a long day, feeling so tired and knowing I have to take my makeup off. Before I got POTS, I used to enjoy a night out with friends, I'd come home and I'd always think to myself 'one nights sleep wearing a full face of makeup can't hurt, can it?' 
I'd always wake up the next morning regretting not taking my makeup off. My skin would look clogged, I'd feel gross and dirty. 
So now, no matter how tired I am, I always take off my makeup, wether it's with a wipe, or a cleanser.
I'll always try to use a cleanser and take my makeup off thoroughly, but some nights I really don't have the energy, I just want to climb into bed, get cosy and head to dreamland. So a facial wipe is the perfect solution.

As soon as I received them I was on the fence about using them, as most makeup wipes will leave me with red blotchy skin, as my skin is sensitive. These are suitable for sensitive skin, and are fragrance free. 
They leave my skin, and eyes, looking really clean and fresh. I don't feel guilty about using them to clean my face, if I really have to!

I'll be keeping a pack of these in my handbag wherever I go, I wish I was going to a festival this summer, but I won't be able to.. But I'll be taking these to town.. to the beach.. everywhere!