Jefferson the Wheelchair

For ages i refused to use a wheelchair as i saw it as a restriction, but after almost 2 years of being stuck at home because of POTS, i realised that a wheelchair would be anything but a restriction, in comparison to my life at the moment, it's freedom.

I don't want to get to the stage where i depend on the wheelchair, because i can walk, just not very far at the moment, not without fainting anyway. And i have no idea how long this condition will affect me as much as it does. I'd love to go back to work, and i'd love to socialise with my friends more. But on bad days i can't even get out of bed, on good days, i could get out for about an hour before i'd have to go home because i was feeling unwell. 
Now i have a wheelchair, i can go out and not have to constantly worry about how dizzy i feel, and where the next place to have a seat is. 

I do get quite a lot of judgement, as i will often get up out of the chair to make sure i get a chance to walk when i can, and i get some funny looks from people, probably thinking.. 'she can walk? why is she in a wheelchair if she can walk?'

But all the time I'm struggling, it's such a nice feeling knowing i don't have to miss out on family outings, and other opportunities, because i'll have Jefferson the wheelchair.
Yes.. I named my wheelchair, how sad! I wanted a personal connection to it, as silly as it sounds. As its something that scares me, it makes me realised how much my life has changed over the past few years..
But i'm keeping positive, theres so many people out there worse off than i am, and i count myself lucky i have amazing support from family and friends. (and now Jefferson!)