What Am I Reading?

There's just something about snuggling up and reading a book that makes me feel so good.
Especially during the colder months where it's cold and wet outside, and i'm tucked up in bed with a blanket, feeling cosy,  and reading a good book. (with a cuppa tea, of course)

I've just finished reading Alexa Chung's 'It'. If you have an interest in Alexa Chung and fashion, it's a great and very interesting read. The pages are filled with pretty pictures, doodles and memories, and i love a book with loads of pictures to break up the writing. 

I love Alexa Chung and I really admire her style, so reading about some of her icons, and her views on fashion was really interesting. Her look is so effortless, (in the book she explains how looking 'effortless' takes a lot of effort.)
So many people would LOVE to be her, she is just too cool.

I've also been reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles written by Thomas Hardy. Not my usual choice of book, but it's a classic, and i felt like challenging myself.
It's written in traditional English, which is quite difficult to understand at times, and thats why it's so challenging for me, as usually i read a book that's not too difficult to process.

However it's still wonderfully written, and i can't wait to finish it!

What are you currently reading?