Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Blackheads are a nightmare. Who's with me? 
When it comes to my skin, blackheads are my most common problem. My nose and chin are covered, and no matter how much I exfoliate, and take good care of my skin, they still seem to stick around.

I've always heard mixed reviews about the Biore Pore Strips, i've tried them in the past, but back then I didn't take very good care of my skin, so i stopped after a while as i couldn't be bothered.

But now my interest in beauty and makeup has grown, I take great pleasure in taking good care of my skin, and it's very beneficial as i need a good canvas to work on when experimenting with makeup.

I bought a pack of 14 strips, 7 nose strips, and 7 face strips. They are currently priced at £10.99 at Boots, which i have to admit, is a little bit steep. Luckily i bought them a few months ago, when they were knocked down to £6.99.
The strips are designed to clean and unclog your pores, it works like a magnet, pulling out dirt, leaving your skin cleaner and clearer.

I use this weekly, sometimes 2 weekly (if i can be bothered, i know, my laziness is still an annoying trait of mine!) I find it so satisfying pulling it off and seeing everything thats come out of the skin, is that gross? Probably, but i guarantee that i'm not the only one who finds it satisfying.

I think it's a really great product, but the only disadvantage would be the price, i think it's a little high for the amount of strips you get!