Charity Shop Challenge

Recently i've really been enjoying charity shopping, or as Macklemore would say 'popping some tags cos i've only got $20 in my pocket!'

Except i'm changing dollars to pounds. £20.
My outfit came to a total of £21.49, i know i know, i went a little bit over!! But, you'll be shocked at the stuff i picked up, £21.49 is a bargain, and not only did i pick up great clothes, it felt so good knowing my money was going to a good cause. (or causes!)

These brown lace up heeled boots cost me £4! They weren't in great condition, but for £4 you really can't go wrong, especially with Autumn and Winter approaching.

This gorgeous bag was £6.99, and the most expensive item i purchased, but it was so worth it, as its a bag ill use again and again.

The polka dot blouse (£3.50) i paired with a navy skater skirt (also £3.50) and i think they go really nicely together. I think a shirt or blouse tucked into a skater skirt is such a simple yet classy pairing. 

Not only did i get a pair of boots, a bag, skirt and a blouse, i happened to come across this little beauty of a coat, worth £3.50!! YES, you read that right, a coat for £3.50! It is missing a button but i could easily find another and sew it back on, but it's hardly noticable when i wear the coat unbuttoned.

What do you think?! You'll be surprised at what you can find in a charity shop if you look hard enough. I love it, and the majority of what you'll find, is pretty unique and not something everyone on the highstreet will be wearing.

I hope you're having a lovely week!! Lots of love x