My 'No Makeup' Selfie

Why are we all so self conscious without makeup? It's a question i ask myself daily. Whenever we look at ourselves, we only see our flaws. For example, when i look in the mirror, i see a nose covered in blackheads, oily skin, dark circles under my eyes, spots, veiny eyelids, and a horrible eye shape, and don't even get me started on my weight, another thing i'm very self conscious about. And it's not just us women that feel this way. Men can be self conscious too.

We all compare ourselves to our idols, models, people we see in magazines, who are photoshopped and airbrushed until they're flawless.
I bet women such as Lily Collins, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson, who are flawless and my idea of perfection, still look in the mirror and can point out something they dislike about themselves.

I love that many celebrities these days are embracing their flaws, I loved the idea of the no makeup selfie to raise awareness for charity, and it showed us our favourite celebrities without makeup and editing, and we saw their faces underneath all that makeup, and they were all still gorgeous.
Don't get me wrong, i LOVE makeup, but it shouldn't be something we have to wear, it should be something we choose to wear. 

Posting a selfie without makeup is not a pleasant thought for me, and i'm sure it's not a pleasant thought for most of you, as so many of our generation feel the need to look good constantly. I love no makeup days, but if i was ever to pop out to town, i always feel the need to cover myself up.

I want to start seeing my imperfections as what makes me, me. I think for some people, their imperfections are what make them, well, perfect.

I remember seeing the media slam Scarlett Johansson for being over weight and showing stretch marks in a bikini picture, but i look at her and think she's gorgeous, flawless, and perfect.
Why can't we think that about ourselves?

I took this selfie without any makeup, in natural lighting, and without any editing or filters. 

I really hope whoever is self conscious about their imperfections, can start to see them as just something that makes you who you are. I'm working on it myself, and this is the first step.