Seventeen 3 Way Highlighter

I quickly chucked this into my Boots basket thinking it was a primer, as the only thing that i'd read on the packaging was the word 'prime'. When it was delivered to my front door, i was disappointed to find it was a highlighter (because i really needed a primer!) 

BUT, i'm extremely glad i accidentally picked this up, as it is a gorgeous highlighter, i mean, look at the shimmer!! It is described as a 3 way highlighter, in the description it says you can prime, add to your foundation, or apply onto your cheek bones for a lift. Personally, i wouldn't use this as a primer for my skin, nor would i add it to my foundation, mainly because of the shimmer, i do not want to look like Edward Cullen, or Rumplestilksin (for you Once Upon a Time fans out there.)

It is a really lovely liquid highlighter, and such good value for money, £5.99!
I add this to my cheek bones, my brow bone, and my cupids bow, it does a great job at lifting and waking up my skin, it's been amazing over the summer, when i wanted a natural finish, and paired with a dewy moisturiser it's been my summer staple.
It's brightened my complexion and made me feel more 'alive'. I have found that i need to powder more throughout the day, as my face can get very shiny, especially with this highlighter, but i'm really impressed with this and will continue to repurchase as long as it's on the shelves! 

If anyones on the hunt for a new highlighter, i highly recommend you try this out if you haven't already!