Garnier Exfoliating Scrub

As i've mentioned before, blackheads are my absolute nightmare, i can't stand them. (Who can?!)
The Biore pore cleansing strips have done me so many favours, but seeing as you're only supposed to use them 2 times a week (maximum) i need to find something to keep them away until i can have my next strip session. (that sounds kinda weird) 

The Garnier Exfoliating Scrub is designed to help remove impurities and fight spots. Personally, if i have a nasty red spot, i tend to steer clear of this scrub, or any sort of scrub, mainly because they're abrasive, and scrubbing a spot tends to irritate it and make it angry, therefore making it even redder! It's like it wants revenge, you try so hard to scrub it away that it comes back bigger and nastier!

I use this every 3 days, whilst staying away from big spots to prevent irritation. I target the areas of my skin that are prone to blackheads, for example my nose, chin and forehead.

Exfoliating can damage your skin if you do it daily, so even if a skincare product says it should be used daily, i never listen!

Blackheads come from excess sebum (natural oils) and dead skin cells, which is why people that suffer with oily skin are so prone to getting blackheads.

This scrub keeps my skin thoroughly cleansed, it helps keep the surface of my skin soft, and gets rid of any excess skin or dirt, which is what forms a blackhead in the first place.

Has anyone else found this helps with their oily and blackhead prone skin?!