Miracle Romance Waterproof Eyeliner*

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to choose 2 products from Born Pretty, an online store filled with beauty & lifestyle products. I picked the Miracle Romance waterproof eyeliner, and a stunning eye shimmer eye shadow palette which also claims to be waterproof.
Unfortunately i had some sort of reaction to the palette, most likely due to my sensitive skin, so i wasn't able to leave it on long enough to review. 
I swatched the 3 colours on my hand so i could still show you.

I used all 3 colours, using the lightest shade to highlight the inner corners of my eye, and subtly under my brow bone, the medium shade i used as a base, and i applied the darkest shade to my crease, and blended outwards. They are very pigmented, very shimmery, and so easy to apply and blend, it was just a shame i had a reaction to the product!

However, i did get to use the waterproof eyeliner, several times may I add! I am so impressed by this, i'm always on the hunt for liquid, pencil and gel eyeliners that make applying winged eyeliner a little easier, as i'm useless at it. It takes so much practise, and patience, something i lack in! It glided over my lid so easily, leaving a clean line. One of my favourite things about this, is that once i had applied it and perfected it, it didn't smudge as i opened my eye, something i really struggle with, i find myself waiting ages with one eye closed, waiting for it to dry to avoid ruining all my effort! The tip is ultra thin, it's described as a gel formula, which provides the precision of a liquid liner. I much prefer to use felt tip liners, it's much easier to hold, and a lot less messy. I love the look of liquid and gel, but a felt tip and pencil is just the neatest way to go in my opinion.

As it's a waterproof eyeliner, i found it quite difficult to remove, which is expected with a waterproof product, but i'd much rather struggle with the removing of it than keep having to reapply my eyeliner throughout the day if i get caught in a light shower of rain. 

I applied my eyeliner in the morning, at around 11.30am, by 7pm it was still very much on my lids, I had a tiny bit of fallout and smudging underneath my eye, but in all honesty it was hardly noticeable, I was looking in a magnified mirror! 

Born Pretty were kind enough to give us a 10% discount code to use on their website, just click the link and it'll guide you to the products! I wasn't sure if they deliver to the UK but they do! Just choose your currency in the top right hand corner, and have a look around!

Thank you Born Pretty for the discount, and for the products i was sent, i am very happy with what i received! :)

I apologise for not posting for ages, i've been very poorly, but hopefully with lots of rest i'm slowly getting there, i just keep wanting to fall asleep in the middle of the day! 
I hope you're all well, and i hope you enjoy this post and the discount. 
Lots of love!