Taking Little Breaks

I really envy most bloggers, i'd love to be consistant with my posts but it's not always possible. Sometimes all i need is a little break.
Blogging is my hobby, and as soon as i start feeling any kind of pressure to blog, i'll stop. I don't want blogging to become a chore. 

Believe it or not, writing a post takes quite a lot of effort, taking the perfect picture, which is always far from perfect, (but hey, i try my best!) planning the post, and then writing it. 

I've come along way with my condition, but my body still doesn't let me do all the things i wish i could do. Recently i've been suffering from migraines, which are more frequent than usual, this makes it difficult to read and write. I also suffer from nausea if i'm staring at my laptop screen for too long. As i'm not working, blogging has become a great hobby of mine, i can do it from my bed if i'm not having a great day, it's something that most of the time i'm able to do. I've fallen in love with everything it has to offer, especially the people that i meet. I'm so grateful for the friendships i've made online. 

I just wanted to write a little post to say i'm still here! I love my blog and how it's developed and i love reading the kind comments you leave.

A little update on POTS: Things are getting easier for me, i'm having more good days, i'm still using my wheelchair to get out and about, and i don't regret it one bit. It's given me more of a social life, and freedom to get out of the house, without the worry of fainting. I still can't go out by myself, as i don't have the energy to wheel myself as far as i'd like to. But i'm getting the hang of it, and i'm walking whenever i feel i can! I've had a few hospital appointments, and my specialist thinks i'd benefit from a new medication, which i'll trial in February, it's designed to narrow the blood vessels, to increase blood pressure, which will hopefully mean i can stand for longer without fainting! I've heard great things about this drug, and i'm hoping that it'll benefit me in the way it has other people. He also thinks there's a chance i have EDS, it's possible as 90% of POTS patients also suffer from it, and it's usually the cause. I recently met up with someone i found online, she lives close, and she also has POTS and EDS, it was really great to meet someone who was in the same situation, and she's kept me positive that things will get easier!

I hope you're all well, and enjoying this festive time of year, my decorations are up, i'm feeling cosy and Christmassy, and i'll be uploading a post soon so i can share some photos of my tree!

Thanks for reading! Lots of love, Hollie