Celebrating the Champagne Season with Farfetch!

Christmas is approaching fast, and the champagne glasses are filling up quickly as we get ready for the festive party season that this time of year brings to us. 

Wether you're attending someone else's party, or hosting your own, you're probably looking for some ideas on what to wear.

farfetch.com have gorgeous, feminine designer wear for all year round, but their editorial feature for the Champagne Season is beyond beautiful!
It's filled with pretty pinks, and glistening black dresses, shoes, and my personal favourite, skirts. The skirts shown in this feature are so frilly, flowy and beautiful, perfect for this time of year.

You'll be paying for designer pieces, which is something that i personally wouldn't be able to afford, but for something as classy and gorgeous as these, i'd say it's worth it for a special occasion, something like the Simone Rocha tulle skirt, is so versatile and stunning, it can be worn for many occasions, not just a Christmas party!

I was memorised by the collection, so i created a wishlist for my ideal party outfit which you can see in the picture above this text. I'm so excited to get involved with festive celebrations, it's my favourite time of year. 

So if you have a few parties on your calendar, and all you can think is 'what do i wear?!" I think you'll find this collection 'Champagne Season: Cocktails in Wonderland' visually captivating.

Champagne Season: Cocktails in Wonderland