POTS Gave Me A Best Friend

Throughout my journey with POTS, this includes before my diagnosis too, i'll admit it's been a lonely journey. Don't get me wrong, i have an incredible family, and amazing friends, but no matter how hard they try to understand what i'm going through, they can't.

My attitude towards my heath is still to look on the positive side, it has to be! There's no point moping around all day every day, feeling sorry for myself, wishing i could have my old life back, because i really don't know if that'll ever be possible. There are many people out there, who have it much worse than i do, and i really am grateful, but it still doesn't mean i can't have my bad days. It's been difficult, my life used to be filled with socialising, parties, adventures and day trips out, aswell as working full time and figuring my life out. Now, although things are much better in comparison to the past few years, i still spend a lot of time in bed, it gets quite lonely, and seeing as my week and weekends aren't as as busy as the people around me, i find myself struggling with things to talk about, theres only so much conversation that can come from netflix and napping.

But recently things have been even brighter, my bad days aren't as frequent, i'm on a new medication that stables my blood pressure, and i've been able to go out a few times a week WITHOUT my wheelchair, yippee! I've also been doing a few short courses online, and i'm hoping to study at the open university in September. I finally feel like i'm getting on top of things, and not letting POTS hold me back. I'm still visiting the hospital every now and then, and they also think theres a possibility i have EDS aswell as POTS. But my specialists and doctors have been great, and i'm very lucky! As many other people with POTS aren't that fortunate.

So now i've got that update out of the way, I want to share a really great story with you. When i first got my POTS diagnosis, i was feeling quite isolated and lonely, it changed my life completely, and then put me in a wheelchair. In all honesty, i felt pathetic, this is the thing when it comes to an invisable illness, everyone that knows you, but doesn't live with you, doesn't see how much pain you have to go through, i figured people thought i was just lazy. Explaining to people that you feel tired all the time and faint and collapse, sounds a little silly, but theres so much more involved, and it is debilitating and life changing. I used to search through POTS forums and hashtags on twitter, to find other people in the same position, and i've met so many wonderful people. Blogging also helped me find other people in the same or a similar position. (shoutout to my fellow spoonie bloggers!!) But i was incredibly lucky to come across Vicky on twitter, for the past few years, we've been speaking on and off about the problems we're both facing, and i finally felt like i had someone that really does understand, as time as passed, we've realised our friendship is based on so much more than our health, we have the same interests, and the same way of thinking, i actually think i've found my long lost twin at times. After speaking every day, speaking on the phone most nights, sometimes for over 7 hours! We finally met up, a few weeks ago. So, i just wanted to write a little post, (its longer than i planned it to be) to say that, sometimes things will change your life, and it may not feel like its for the better, but i'm a big believer in things happening for a reason, i've been so lucky to find a positive in my situation, and it's meeting Vicky. So my first blog post, after a very long break, is dedicated to you. :)