Date Night in Winter Wonderland

Who else loves date night? I think it's exciting to dress up, put on some makeup and spend the day/evening with someone special. When me and Luke have got something planned, i like putting in the effort and coming up with ideas to show how much i care about him, and so does he.

Usually we go out to dinner, a favourite of ours is this amazing Mexican place in Tonbridge, the food is insane, but the cocktails are even better! 

The first couple of dates we had, we went out for drinks, and over the Summer we visited quite a few local farms, it's nice to change things up and keep it interesting! I also love the cinema, and then finishing the evening with a meal or a dessert at Frankie and Bennies. 

But this weekend we spent all of Saturday in London at Winter Wonderland, neither of us had ever been before and we had such a great day. Christmas is my favourite time of year and the festive and magical atmosphere made me extremely happy, and the fact i was there with my boyfriend made me even happier. It's so much bigger than i thought it would be, and i was so grateful to Luke who was willing to push me around in my wheelchair all day, as my body definitely would not of coped with all that walking!! As we entered, there was loads of wooden stalls at the entrance, selling jewellery, gifts and lots of food. We stopped at the first food stall we came across and bought some cinnamon sugar donuts with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top, they were the best donuts I've ever tasted, and i'm pretty sure everyone passing by could tell i was enjoying them from the chocolate sauce all over my face.

As we walked around/rolled around, there was so many rides to go on, foods to try and games to play, but we decided to go for more food.

There was so many places selling german sausages, and i'll be honest, I'm not quite sure which sausage i ended up eating, i let Luke choose. But it was absolutely incredible, it had cheese leaking out as i bit into it, incredibly delicious.

I was determined to win a huge teddy on one of the games, we both tried our hardest and didn't manage a big teddy, however we did win 3 little teddies, and i was much better at shooting that i thought i'd be!

I'd also never tried mulled wine before, but i was pleasantly surprised, it was much stronger than i thought it would be but the spices and heat of the wine really warmed me up, i'm thinking i might try make some myself over Christmas!!

The whole day was amazing, and i was so glad Luke enjoyed it all too. I slept most of the journey home, train journeys are exhausting at the best of times but after a day of excitement i was absolutely knackered. 

The next time we plan a date, we are thinking of using a car renting company, to travel to and from London or wherever we plan to go, to make it that little bit more exciting. Luke is obsessed with cars, and getting to choose from a range of classic and rare cars to drive will make the whole date even more interesting!! Who else has used Turo before? From what i've read it's a complete game changer when it comes to car rentals.

What do you do for date night? I'd love to hear some creative interesting ideas!!