Find Your Perfect Dog Breed

I have a soft spot for all breeds of dogs, but I know that some wouldn't be suitable for my personal needs. It's something you really need to look into before making the decision to welcome a dog into your home, as unfortunately it may not work out for you or the dog if it's not a right match. Our family dogs (Loki the Lurcher and Luna the Saluki) are very hard work, it's just their breed, and who they are. They sleep a lot (a trait that goes in my favour) but they are also very hyperactive and i find them very difficult to look after at times, even though i love them way too much and wouldn't be without them. Which is why i'm so lucky and grateful the rest of my family are there to help out and do the majority of the work.

Have you thought about getting a puppy? Or are you just curious as to what breed you'd be suited to? There's so much to think about before you go ahead and take the leap, so why not take this flowchart and find out what breed would be suitable for you based on your personal traits?

What did you get?!

I got 'The Easy-Going Playmate' which pleased me, as a Golden Retriever and Greyhound are two breeds of dogs I absolutely adore.

Which brings me on to a super exciting surprise i've been waiting to blog about!! I have a little someone i would like to introduce....

Meet my new best friend, and partner in crime, Golden Retriever Albie!! 

With two family dogs already this was a huge decision me and my family made. But because as much as i love the other two dogs, they aren't officially mine, and if i planned to move out at any point, they wouldn't be coming with me. Which meant I was more than happy to take responsibility and get a pup of my own, who could come with me wherever i went.

I have many health problems, which causes limited mobility. An assistance dog was something my parents both mentioned to me to help give me a little bit more independence, and support. After alot of research and contact with charities i was told with my health conditions i would be entitled to a service dog, but because not many people are aware of the condition there wasn't many that were willing to take me on, and it could be several years i'd be waiting for a loving companion.

Then i came across a girl on instagram who also had a few of the same conditions as me, called Jaquie Blake, who was training her own dog, Harlow, to assist her and help with her daily struggles. It was something that daunted me at first, but after suffering for so many years i was willing to give it my best shot, and knowing that my dog may not necessarily be service dog worthy, i took the leap, and after a lot of thinking and researching, i decided to bring home my own puppy and start basic obedience training myself. I brought him home at 8 weeks, and he's now almost 4 months. We have come such a long way already, with him knowing basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay, come, speak, paw, quiet and of course him experiencing my fainting episodes and most of the time responding in such a calm manner. Albie is the perfect dog for me, so docile, loving and eager to please, and he's pushing me to get out of bed in the mornings even though it can be extremely difficult. We have another dog trainer who will be willing to help us out, which is a huge blessing, as i have no experience in training a dog. But if he becomes my registered assistance dog, or just a well trained best friend, i'm so happy he's in my life.

Thank you to PuppySpot for sending me this flowchart, i very much enjoyed answering the questions and i hope you did too! Please let me know in the comments what breed of dog you got! And of course i'd love to hear what you think of my little Albie!! If you're interested he has his own instagram @albieblue! 

Are you thinking about bringing home a new addition to your home and family? If you've thoroughly thought about it, and you're ready to take the next step i recommend you take a look at PuppySpot's 'Puppies for Sale' Page. Rescuing a puppy or an older dog is such a wonderful thing to do, as there are so many out there looking for their forever homes!