Facing My Fashion Fears

I was recently challenged by Ashby from Dia & Co to 'Face My Fashion Fears'. I loved the idea of this, i'm not one to branch out and experiment when it comes to fashion, i just sit and stare admiringly at the people that do. My outfit may not seem very out there, but a tulle skirt is something that i find very daunting, yet beautiful. So I braced myself, bit the bullet and found that wearing something out of my comfort zone wasn't as scary as i thought, it was enjoyable!! I paired this midi tulle skirt from boohoo.com with a black bodysuit, also from boohoo, and some ankle boots i bought many years ago from peacocks. 

I thought i'd look a bit too dressy but pairing the skirt with the boots made me feel much more comfortable and casual, which is my go-to style (even for nights out, i'd much rather pair a pretty dress with a pair of converse or boots!)

Now you'll have to excuse my squinty eyes but i was being blinded by the very bright sun the UK has been blessed with! So tell me, did i pull off this outfit?! Honest opinions needed. 
What are your fashion fears? I now challenge you to face yours, and wear something you wouldn't feel confident wearing but would LOVE to. (I promise, it's not as scary as it seems!)

Thank you Dia & Co for getting me out of my fashion comfort zone and daring me to try something new!! Be sure to have a little look at their website, you can complete a style profile, and a stylist sends hand picked clothes to your door!! For my fellow spoonies/chronically ill bloggers, doesn't this sound like heaven?! Shopping is a nightmare when you're in pain or feeling too poorly! 

Thanks for reading! xx