Albie & Me

My pet.. Except he's so much more than my pet, he's my best friend, my partner in crime and my assistance dog in training. I couldn't love my pup anymore if i tried. 

The moment i laid my eyes on Albie as a tiny 3 week old pup, i was smitten, his big brown eyes and fluffy little head melted my heart. I knew from that moment we would be best friends. Me, my mum and Luke picked him up at 8 weeks and the excitement I felt was unreal. It was daunting, taking on the responsibility of a puppy, especially with my unpredictable health, but i knew he would be worth it. Straight from the off he would follow me around, and even now at 7 months old he follows, if i leave him alone for half hour, he will greet me with his big smile and wagging tail. And if i had a tail mine would be surely wagging too!! We're so in sync and he can just tell when I'm having an off day. His reaction to my faints are incredible and so comforting. He's just given me a huge amount of confidence.
I look at him and just think how did i get so lucky?! 

Not only is he so loving, he's also SO DARN CUTE. 

So tell me, how many of your phones camera roll is filled with pictures of your pet? I'm gonna be real with you here and say about 99% of my camera roll is Albie. He's either sleeping, eating, walking, playing, whatever he does is always SO bloomin cute and i want to snap a picture of him and treasure it forever. What can i say? I'm obsessed.

These days not many people print out photographs and put them in photo albums, which i find a real shame as theres nothing more exciting then getting all the old dusty photo albums out of the loft and curling up with a nice cuppa tea and flicking through old memories, it's so nice and personal.

This is why i think a digital picture frame is perfect, our generation is so technology based which is wonderful and so convenient, as no one seems to have the time these days for things such as photo albums, the internet and social media is our gigantic photo album. But there's something so special about photographs in our home, it's cosy and fills the house with so many memories that you can share with the rest of your family, or friends that come and visit. 

The Aura is an incredible photo frame that not only shows one photo, but flicks through photos over a length of time! A little bit like a screensaver if you will. You will also be able to control it using the Aura app. How cool is that?! It comes in 3 colours, crystal blue with a silver trim, charcoal with a black trim, and wait for it... ivory with a rose gold trim! I think Rose Gold/Copper looks absolutely gorgeous when it comes to home decor.  BUT, the thing that i find extremely cool, is the fact it has motion and gesture sensors!! For $399 you can gesture to flick to the next picture and the frame picks up on it. I think it's so convenient, like i mentioned, our generation is all about technology, and being able to add photos to this frame using an app on your phone saves so much time, and it also keeps it new and exciting, instead of just having one framed photo sat on your fireplace, how about multiple photos in a slideshow? I would definitely, and proudly show the hundreds of pictures i have of Albie in this frame, as it also uses advanced facial recognition software (a bit like on the iPhone) that groups photos into a collection of people you take photos of the most. But unlike the iPhone, they've included pets, which i think is great being a crazy dog mama. Some ladies proudly share adorable pictures of their child to everyone, i show pictures of my little pupperino to everyone, hoping they're dog people. But even if they aren't, i reckon i can convince them otherwise!!

If you want to know more about the Aura Frames, visit their homepage where you'll also find a FAQ page answering any questions that you may have if you're interested!!