Finding Another Way To Rest - With A Leesa Mattress

I'll be honest with you and say it's very rare i get a good nights sleep. No matter how much i wish for it, beg for it, take medications for it, insomnia is still the monster under my bed, not only is insomnia something i suffer with, but so is pain. I suffer with fibromyalgia and hypermobilty syndrome aswell as POTs, so there are many nights i just can't get to sleep because something is hurting. But not sleeping, is one of the things that causes more pain. It's a viscous circle that i can't escape from. Many of my readers are fellow spoonies, people suffering with a chronic illness, and i'm sure you'll all agree that you have similar problems, theres just always a symptom or something wrong thats causing you not to sleep well.

I'm lucky to still have nights where i do fall asleep easily, however it's a disturbed sleep and i never ever sleep deeply, and i never feel rested.

If i can't always sleep, it's important that i still rest. So winding down and relaxing of an evening is something that's so important for me. If i feel well enough, i'll have a bath, which tends to make me feel sleepy. I'll then put on some really cosy pyjamas and climb into my bed. I'm so grateful for netflix, one thing i always try to do is turn the brightness setting down on my tv, so i can still watch but it doesn't make me anymore awake than i already am.

Something that i also find really difficult, but is a must for me, is to not over indulge before bedtime. That's right, as comforting as it is to curl up in bed with ice cream and cheesecake while watching your favourite film, its something that can interrupt your sleep patterns and leave you tossing and turning throughout the night, believe it or not.

It's also extremely important to have a comfortable bed for a good nights sleep, in all honesty i'm not one that can ever justify expensive items, even if they're important, but a decent mattress is something that i've been looking for, for a long time. I've never owned a decent mattress, if i need one, i'll pick the cheapest one i can find. But i was discussing mattresses with a friend of mine who also suffers with a few of the same illnesses as me, and she also had just made an investment in a new mattress. She made a lot of good points, that we spend a lot more time in our beds then most people do, we get ill very easily and bed ridden easily too, so a mattress is actually something that would be a very good investment. Not only will it be comfier, but theres a chance it may help in me getting a better sleep. There is also the potential that a mattress suited to me personally, could help with pain. 

I've been having a look around, and Leesa is a brand of mattress that keeps popping up everywhere, not only have i seen great reviews, but it's also reasonably priced. The Leesa mattress is made with 3 layers, dense core support foam, memory foam and cooling Avena foam, which was a massive selling point for me, as personally i feel a cooler nights sleep = a better nights sleep. Some of the reviews i've read on this mattress have really interested me, one woman claimed it was 'easy on the hips'. My hips tend to slip out and cause pain, so reading a review so relatable made me want to look into this mattress further.

It's something i need to think about and save for, but it's getting to the stage where i feel it's important i invest in something that could help me in the long run.

What are your top tips for sleeping easily? Do you do anything that helps you drift off quickly? Or a certain ritual that helps you sleep deeply and soundly? I'd also love to know if you've tried the Leesa mattress!? i'd love to hear from you!